About Todd

“To me, to be successful at this sport, you have to have an open mind,
and you have to be willing to try and do different and new things,”

Fishing Info

Angling Hero: My Dad
Favorite Lake Sam Rayburn (TX):  Home lake. “It’s where I learned how to fish.”
Least Favorite Lake: “I don’t really have one. Whenever I do poorly in a tournament, I take it as a learning experience.”
Favorite Technique: Pitching and flipping
Primary Fishing Strength: Power-fishing shallow water
Secondary Fishing Strength: Versatility
Biggest Weakness: Deep Clear Lakes

About Me

When not fishing: “I like spending time with my family and doing all the things that they are involved in: Deer/ Duck Hunting – Baseball – Cheerleading Competitions with my daughter.


Why I Fish: I have always had a passion for bass fishing and to be able to provide for my family in this way is still unbelievable to me. God has been so good!

2019 Schedule

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