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5th: No Complaints from Faircloth

Trying to recapture the magic from Saturday when he weighed in 15-09 to make the Top-12 cut, Faircloth today went back to the areas with deep grass and tried to entice more quality keepers with his popper-style topwater bait. He kept at it until noon, but had just one fish to show for it.

From there, he moved out away from the bank and put three smaller spotted bass in the boat to finish with four fish. Considering he was in 33rd after 2 days, he can’t complain about his result.

“I am happy with how I finished,” he said. “I had a big day yesterday and really felt like I had a good shot of winning this thing after that. Considering where I was at, fifth is pretty good, especially after the practice I had.”

He thinks the heavy rain from Saturday changed the water clarity in the locales he was targeting and that’s possibly why his topwater program went south.

todd-faircloth-4m2z6863                                                                                               Photo:Lames Overstreet

“The conditions changed and a lot of stuff I was fishing had a lot more color to it and the water came up a bunch,” he said. “I pushed it until about noon and abandoned ship. I caught three in the last hour out in the clear just throwing a Shim E Stick weightless. I don’t think I could’ve won doing that all day, but I could’ve done better. In order to win, I needed to do what I was doing on day 3. It was the way to go. It just didn’t happen today. As posted on

“I went out with an open mind. There was no pressure on me whatsoever and I felt like if I caught a couple like I had on day 3, I’d have a shot. I thought 12 to 15 pounds would’ve given me a shot to win and that was the case in the end. I knew somebody in the Top 12 would catch big bag today and Skeet was the one.”

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