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9th: Faircloth Lacked Big Bites

9th: Faircloth Lacked Big Bites

> Day 3: 5, 14-14 (15, 41-05) Todd Faircloth focused much of his time this week slowly working a 1/4-ounce Strike King Bitsy Bug jig around the first 150 or 200 yards of channel swing banks. During the tournament he discovered the fish had pushed out to deeper water (as deep as 20 feet in some cases) after being up in 12 or less during practice.His one weak spot, though, was not being able to unlock any sort of big-fish pattern. Still, he managed to record his fourth straight Top-10 finish at the Classic.

“I needed to figure out how to catch a bigger fish,” he said. “I was catching a lot of quality fish, but I didn’t catch any 5-pound fish and that’s what this lake is known for. You need to have a few of those win this deal. I just never got on a pattern. I knew how they were catching the bigger fish – on a stickbait. I never could get in a rhythm with it. I could catch fish, but I never had the confidence to dedicate a bunch of time to it.”


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